We have a permit

>> Friday, July 18, 2014

Small update: our permit came in two weeks early. Now we wait to be put into the build schedule. This process can take around 2 weeks so we don’t really have anything to do until Aug 1st-ish.


Some Kind of Nomadic

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2014

After some serious consideration, We are moving again. Both in the Blogosphere and in reality. The new blog will be located at Wordpress and our new home will be located somewhere between Dallas and Fort Worth. The drive to see friends and family or anything civilized is becoming daunting. The traffic here has increased exponentially and it takes Hubby nearly twice as long to get to work as it did when we moved in. The drama that has developed in this neighborhood as we are becoming more and more populated is childish. The HOA management company has changed hands and is far more controlling, far more expensive and now our wonderful neighborhood events are being cancelled to save cost. This makes very little sense as we have more homeowners, paying more money and less events to pay for, yet our dues are going up again. At some point, you have to move on. 

More details to come.


Curtain creativity

>> Friday, December 13, 2013

It only took 4 months and the threat of hosting Thanksgiving in the new house. Keep in mind the living room is not arranged in a very functional way yet but we are working on it. The addition of something as simple as curtains can really change the feel of a room. 

The back wall of the house is rather plain and the windows were rather pitiful pre-curtain so I decided to use the curtains to create an illusion of more window space on that wall. 
Pre-Curtains, it really is a sad little pair of windows. 

I knew I wanted something neutral and geometric but being on a budget can really put a damper on decorating. We went to the ever faithful IKEA in hopes I could find something and I did. Like most of IKEA's items it has a goofy name but has a really pretty pattern. 

I wanted the to barely dust the floor and still make it nearly to the ceiling because we will be installing crown moulding soon and I love the look of tall curtains. So we chose the 98" long panels. IKEA is awesome because it pairs it curtains so for around 35.00 a window we had 2 heavy panels of a neutral & patterned curtains. 


Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

>> Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving is approaching and after finding out that we will be hosting this year it was determined that the sink and faucet in our kitchen had to go. I'm not saying anything bad about the current sink. However, when it was filled with water, it would sag and once it started sagging the faucet would start spraying out of the side. Honestly, it was not the sink's fault either. The sink should have been under-mounted with the granite but instead it was drop in mounted in a hole that was just a little too big for it. A trip to Lowe's and car full of items later we were replacing our sink, our faucet, our drainage and our garbage disposal. 

I was not exactly sold on the faucet while shopping but it really ties the kitchen together. About 3 hours on a Saturday and now I have a new sink, new faucet, new soap pump, new garbage disposal, and a kitchen that is ready for the holidays! 


Locked out before we have moved in!

>> Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prior to closing we were informed we would have to come to closing with new door locks for the front, back ,and patio doors or hire a locksmith to change the locks after closing. Apparently it was something to do with this particular HUD agent keeping his deadbolts and keys to reuse on other properties. So we did what any other new home buyer would do, we went to Lowes and started shopping. We decided on the Austin handle set. 
Austin Handleset by Kwikset

After closing we came home with our handlesets to find that the HUD agent had made it to the house before us and removed the deadbolt and lock box. So here we are on July 3rd, 100 degrees outside and no way to get into our new house. We call the HUD agent and they said they would be out within the next 3 hours, I ask the HUD agent if they needed the door handle and they said no. (Good!) I hung up the phone, drove to the rental and found a drill with a Cobra bit. However during this process my husband and I took note of the color of the door, Longhorn orange... This will not do since hubby is an Aggie. 
Door Before
(Burnt orange, ewwwww)
Since the door handle was coming off, why not paint it while we are at it. Here is the finished product. I think the door needs another coat. 

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